So here are the steps I have learned and have been practicing about goal setting and achieving them.

  • Step 1: When it comes to setting your goals, you have to be very specific/clear and not vague. For example, you don’t just say “I want to make a lot of money in a month” “I want to ace this course” and that’s it; these are examples of unspecific goals. being so unclear won’t make you work towards that goal and accomplishing them Or you may start working on things to accomplish your unspecific goal and at the end of the month you made some money but not a lot of it as you desired or you gave up on your journey of making a lot of money in a month because it was hard and confusing. Rather what you should say is ” I want to make $100,000 in a month” “I want to have a 95% or 100% in this course”.
  • Step 2: Break down your bulky goal into bits. ok let me expand this, you want to make a $100,000 in a month; break a month into weeks and weeks into days.

A month→ 4 weeks→ 7days
Divide $100,000 by 4, you get $25,000; then divide $25,000 by 7 you get $3,571. So to make $100,000 in a month, you need make $25,000 per week and $3,571 every day. This here is a specific goal. In summary, what should you be doing every day, every week, every month to achieve your final goal? In your big goal, there should be monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. how many sales do you need to make every day, how much work do you need to put in every single day?

  • Step 3: WRITE IT DOWN. it’s not enough to specify your goals, break them down and identify what you have to focus on, you need to write it down with a pen, not on your phone, laptop, tablet where you could easily forget you set and wrote that goal down.
  • Step 4: After you have written it down place it where your eyes would see it quickly and easily every single day. it could be in front of your work desk in your room, it could be in front of your mirror. Before I just gathered images of goals I wanted to achieve, printed them and stuck them to my wall, now I am reorganizing my goal frame. I bought a painting canvas although I would buy the bigger size soon, I am going to use my design skills to craft out images and words of what I want to achieve, print them out and stick them to the canvas and place it in front of my work/ study desk.
My bare canvas
  • Step 5: Experience It. Now you are all set with your goals, this is the step in which your imagination comes in. Take out time each day and daydream. See yourself in your desired body, wearing the clothes you desire, getting compliments from everyone around you that you look good. See yourself driving your dream car, feel yourself touching the leather seats or go to a car dealer saloon to touch and try out the car of your dreams, no one would arrest you. Go house window shopping for the house of your dreams and feel yourself already living in that house; you need to attach so many positive emotions to this process as much as possible. Do you want to come out the best in your class? Attend graduation ceremonies and put yourself and emotions into the joyous atmosphere of people clapping and whistling when the best student is called. I do this, I imagine myself being the one called on stage, getting my award, I imagine and feel my heart doing flips to be on stage and being clapped for; all these emotions I feel them; I experience them.
  • Step 6: Make it Public; although it isn’t all your goals which you should tell people about, you should tell people about your goals. Friends, well wishes, family; not going into details but a simple statement to let them know is very important. ” mum, dad this is my house” ∗ shows them a photo or video of a house∗ they are going to look at you as though some screws fell off your head but that is the fun of it. You alone know what you are talking about. Telling your family or friends is so as to hold you accountable so that you are pushed every day to work on your goal. I have told you mine here. if you don’t want to tell anyone because you are scared then you ain’t ready for a change.

You don’t share my opinion? tell me what you think or what works for you in the comment section below and till then see you on the next post! ciao

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