Dear Journal,

  • Each passing day I begin to realize a lot of what I attached success and failure to has been wrong. Each day that I go into my self-development zone, I keep realizing there are no fears, but just strong emotions created by our minds in relation to limiting beliefs we have been conditioned with since growing up. These strong emotions plus beliefs and conditions paint these negative images that we see and we shy away. FEAR IS NOT REAL.
  • Success doesn’t just always happen with 1 try. It can come with 1 attempt, it can come with 2 attempts, it can come with a million or billion trials. JUST DON’T GIVE UP.
  • I have the ability to learn any skills I desire and put my mind into despite not having prior knowledge. It takes 20 weeks of dedication to learn a new skill, so allocating 2 hours every day to sharpen my new skill would make me a master soonest.
  • No one knows it all, don’t be afraid to challenge the norms, question the standards and seek to change the world, because it’s only those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world actually do.

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