Hey, my name is Jay and I am a budding serial entrepreneur; Student (in my final year); and most importantly a human. I am 26 years old; passionate about work and being the best version of myself in all area of my life. My watchword is work worth doing is worth doing excellently.

Incipient Mind is all about practical steps, effective tips, and advice on various topics of a young adult’s life. These Includes lifestyle, finances, health, school, mindset, school-work life transition.

I decided to talk about how young adults can achieve a lot in all areas of their lives and be the best versions of themselves because as a young adult, I have been through depression, had bad grades, failed businesses, given up so many times, had so much growth, and loads of experiences. A lot of stuff I had to figure out on my own on my journey up, bad decisions I made I had to face the consequences. I realized that like me, not many young adults have a guide on how to go through different processes of life which is why this blog was created.

I am not only passionate about personal development, I have also discovered practical steps which anyone could implement and see changes they want and be the best versions of themselves. You and I are what makes the difference of this blog.

This blog is for

  • College/university students
  • University students who are about graduating or just graduated
  • Young adults transitioning into work life
  • High school graduates
  • Anybody who wants to make the best out of their lives

If you are new here, I recommend checking the mindset category first.

Hope you enjoy this blog and I hope it helps you of your life journey.